Welcome to the UnDiet & Fitness Blog!

As a trainer who has been in the fitness industry for over 16 years now, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been mentored by and work alongside some of the industry’s top Trainers, Corrective theory specialists, Athletes, Fitness models, Celebrities and even a couple Fitness legends.

After a few years of competing in bikini, trying every diet and training method in the world (literally measuring and weighing every ounce of food I consumed) to consistently alter my body composition, I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. My passion for the industry was now becoming an annoyance and I knew from that moment it was time for me to switch things up.

Honestly, I got sick and tired of living like that. I was a slave to my food (literally carrying food all over NYC in a cooler) and I just wanted to find a way to live a healthy & fit lifestyle without all the stress of having to eat multiple times per day, meal prepping non-stop, drinking enough water, text people back, drive from location to location to train clients etc…I think you get the point.

With enough research through tons of trial and error, I figured out a way to do just that and still feel healthy, fit and sane without starving or stuffing my face. I am still guilty from time to time of being hangry right after an intense leg workout but that’s about as far as the Fitness insanity goes!

This blog is dedicated to everything health & fitness without traditional “Dieting” and hours of cardio. Some of the topics I’ll be covering are how after 35 your hormones play a much larger role in how your body responds negatively to too much exercise (because more isn’t necessarily better), how eating too many times per day (typical bodybuilding diet) can actually damage your gut microbiome and how the focus on your diet should be geared more towards getting in your micro-nutrients as opposed to macro nutrients.

As far as training goes, I tend to focus more on corrective exercise. Most people work jobs that cause postural distortments and overuse injuries (think of jobs that call for high physical demand like construction or overly sedentary like a truck driver) which they typically identify as LBP (Lower back pain), knee pain, hip pain etc. So most of the training video content to come are geared towards remedying that and of course just silliness with other awesome trainers in the gym!

Stay tuned for more info!!