In my experience one of the biggest keys to success is knowing how to stock your pantry. Labels and the amount of choices in the grocery store these days can be overwhelming. You may not realize that some of the “staples” you purchase regularly just happen to be loaded with toxic ingredients. My goal is to show you that shopping “clean” can be both affordable and fun. My recommendations will save you time in the kitchen inspire you to cook clean and set you up for success when trying to tackle your personal health & fitness goals long term.

Pantry Makeover and Grocery Tour Services Include:

  • A thorough makeover of your pantry from toxins and chemically laden food
  • A lesson on how to read labels and which words truly matter and are not just a gimmick
  • A tour at your local grocery store to show you how to shop “Clean” and affordably
  • Recommendations for the best quality meat, dairy and fish to buy with an explanation of why grass-fed, pasture raised and wild caught are so important for both your health and the environment
  • Complimentary Fitness Assessment

*PLUS, a list of reliable brands for packaged foods that are fair trade, organic and have a high quality standard of production

Plan on 2.5-3 hours including travel time. We meet at your home to assess what you need and then tour your local grocery store. This service does not include the cost of new ingredients purchased.

A great add-on to this service is a 1 hour cooking lesson after. I will show you how to utilize your new ingredients and create nourishing, healing meals in the comfort of your own home. PLUS, written recipes for the dishes we create.

You will gain knowledge and feel confident maneuvering grocery stores and picking the highest quality ingredients for your health. A new found ease of mind towards food labels and smart choices may be just what you need to get into the kitchen. It’s never too late to take charge of your health and get into the best shape of your life! Having a properly stocked pantry and fridge might be just what you need.

This service is only available in NYC, Westchester & Greenwich CT.