Serves 1

*This Elixir should be consumed upon rising on an empty stomach

There are so many health benefits to drinking this elixir daily. Here are a few:

*Cleanses the liver

*Helps to clear skin due to the high vitamin c and fiber from the lemon which can help with toxin elimination and waste removal (In other words, make you regular which will help to eliminate bloat as well)

*Helps with weightloss due to the fiber in lemon, which can help you feel full longer and also speeds up metabolism naturally from the capsacin in the cayenne pepper.

*Promotes hydration

*Aids Digestion

*Improves the overall health and look to your skin (yes-glowing, dewy looking skin)

*Helps prevent kidney stones. Citric acid helps to increas urine volume and urine ph, creating a less favorable environment for kidney stone formation.


1 large lemon

16oz. warm water (I usually mix 50/50 boiling hot water and room temp water)

dash of cayenne


In a large shaker cup or thermos, pour hot water first. Squeeze the whole lemon into the water. Add a dash of cayenne pepper. Pour the room temp water on top and drink up!!